Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Hey girls! Been thinking about getting your boyfriend or other special guys in your life clothing for Christmas? Here's some tips for your christmas shopping ^^

1) Sweaters: Guys love sweaters! Try Calvin Klein or Club Room for formal sweaters! If you want something with a more unique taste, try printed sweaters!

2) Scarves: Yes, it's winter! It's the season for scarves. Century 21 offers many deluxe scarves and so does many other stores! Try hand knitting a scarf to make the gift even more special!

3) Hoodies: Guys love wearing hoodies. It's a nice piece of clothing to have in his wardrobe. Hoodies are functional and match almost everything!

4) Watches: Some people might say we have cell phones these days, why would we need watches? Watches are not only practical in settings where you can't use your cell phone(like in school) and also complete your outfit! A watch can make all the difference! Good brands such as Bulova, Citizen, and Seiko come to mind! If you want something on the higher end of the line, try TagHuer, Omega, or Rolex!

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