Saturday, February 22, 2014

Looking Forward to Spring

It's been an awfully long winter this year, with a million blizzards heading to the Northeast and the Chancellor giving high school students school on days with snowstorms. Finally, Spring is approaching us. For your fashion choices this spring, I recommend having a t-shirt and a warm cashmere cardigan. Try animal prints and tie-dyed t-shirts for some extra versatility! Throw on some skinny jeans, shorts, vans, or sneakers, and you've got yourself an outfit ready for the warmer weather! For the accessories, I would recommend wearing a necklace or ring from 3V07 to truly make a fashion statement. For an extra classy look, try carrying a leather bag from Polo Ralph Lauren or J.Estina.
photo credits to Michelle Zhang


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  2. I think the first picture is one of your best; you have a more relaxed expression and the outfit is pretty good too. Not sure how I feel about the last picture's pose or face, but I think ones like the first are nice.